Motor Claims Procedures

What to do if you face a traffic accident …

1. In the event of a traffic accident, you should

-           Report to the police immediately;

-           Not to discuss or admit legal liability or make payment with any parties;

-           If possible, take photos / videos of the scene before anything is moved;

-         Record important information, e.g. Registration numbers of involved vehicles, exact location of accident, damaged property, witnesses, etc.;

-           Exchange contact and personal details with other drivers, passengers, injured parties;

-           Report the accident to us within 14 days.

2. Please submit the following documents to us:

-           Duly completed original Claim Report Form within the reporting period;

-           Copy of police statements given by you / your passengers with the police case reference number;

-           Copy of the driver’s Hong Kong Identity Card and driving license;

-           Copy of vehicle registration documents;

-           Photos of the damaged vehicles taken at the scene & Accident footage;

-           Details of third party driver and injured persons;

-           Screening breath test report and notice of intended prosecution.

Important Notes:

-           Keep the original copy of all relevant documents for your record;

-           Notify us and / or your intermediaries as soon as possible whenever any prosecution is contemplated / convicted;

-         Immediately forward to us all forms of correspondences from third parties regarding the traffic accident and leave them unanswered;
-         The time bar for an injured party to start a civil action in respect of a claim which causes personal injuries is normally 3 years, whereas in the case of a property damage claim, the time bar is 6 years;
-         Third parties are entitled to lodge claims against you anytime within the abovementioned time bars.
3.  For enquiries, please contact your insurance intermediaries or our Claims Department directly at (852) 2831 9980 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
(Note: Maximum limit for file uploading is 10MB. Please send by separate e-mail(s) for file(s) exceeding this limit.)

Click HERE to download the Claim Report Form.