Forwarder Liability Claims Procedures

What to do if you have a forwarder's liability claim …

1. In the event of losses / damage / bodily injury, you should

-           Immediately notify us of the loss / damage;

-           Report the incident to the relevant authorities, where appropriate;

-           Not to negotiate, admit or settle any liability to a third party, and not to waive any rights against other parties;

-           Make detailed records of the conditions of the damaged cargo;

-           File a claim in writing to other liable parties.

2. Please submit the following documents to us:

-           Duly completed original Claim Report Form;

-           Incident report including the circumstances of the incident;

-           Colour photographs;

-           Copy of contract of carriage involved (e.g. Master Bills of lading and House Bills of lading with its terms and conditions);

-           Copy of the cargo delivery receipt and other relevant documents.

3.  For enquiries, please contact your insurance intermediaries or our Claims Department directly at (852) 2831 9980 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
(Note: Maximum limit for file uploading is 10MB. Please send by separate e-mail(s) for file(s) exceeding this limit.)

Click HERE to download the Claim Report Form.