Marine Cargo Claims

Q      What should we do in the event of loss of or suspected damage to our cargo?
A      You should report the case to us as soon as possible and issue a notice of claim to the forwarders or carriers concerned to hold them liable for the loss or damage sustained by the cargo.  You should not issue any clean receipt to the forwarders or carriers.

Q     What documents should we prepare for a cargo claim?
A     You should submit the following documents to us :

  •   Insurance Policy or Certificate of Insurance
  •   Bill of Lading or Airway Bill or Delivery Note
  •   Commercial Invoice and Packing List
  •   Notice of Claim against carrier
  •   Exception List
  •   Photos of the damaged cargoes
  •   Landing Weight Certificate or Weight Note
  •   Any other relevant documents evidencing the loss or damage 
Q      How can we lodge a claim if our cargoes are exported to overseas markets?
A      International insurance companies usually have their survey agents or settling agents abroad. You may advise your customer to contact those survey agents or settling agents named on the insurance policy for survey arrangement or claims handling.