Motor Claims

Q      What is NCD Protection?
A      No Claim Discount (NCD) Protection is applicable to Comprehensive cover only.  Under NCD Protection, if the total sum of all your claims during the current Period of Insurance does not exceed the designated amount set out on the Schedule, you will be entitled to the same NCD enjoyed under the existing policy upon renewal. However, NCD Protection does not apply if the NCD is to be transferred to any other insurance companies for whatever reasons including non-renewal by both parties. Your eligibility to NCD Protection may also vary depending on the car you drive. Please contact us for more information.
Q      Are my windscreens and windows covered against damage?
A      Windscreens and windows are covered against accidental damage under our Comprehensive policy. We shall pay you the replacement cost, subject to the sum insured specified on the Schedule. No Excess will be applied.    
Q      What is an excess?
A      An excess is the amount that you must contribute towards the cost of a claim. The type of excess and the amount payable will be shown on the Schedule. If you make a claim, you pay us any excess that applies.